About us


The Support for Sexually Assaulted Men - Estrie (SHASE) was created in 2001 from a need identified by the Crime Prevention Assistance Services (SAPC). Before, no resources were offered to men who were victims of sexual assault in Estrie. A meeting program is being developed at this time to help men who have experienced sexual assault.

In 2010, the SAPC saw the need to emancipate SHASE and establish it as a non-profit organization. Since October 2010, the organization officially became a fully-fledged entity. In 2019, SHASE moved to its own offices in downtown Sherbrooke. The team is now composed of four employees and many volunteers.

SHASE was originally intended for men who had experienced sexual assault as children. Over time, services have evolved to support men who experience, or have experienced sexual assault in childhood, adolescence or adulthood The services have also expanded to provide an open minded, supportive, and safe space to accompany sexually assaulted men through their recovery journey. The service is offered to people that identifies as men that live in the Eastern Townships.

The organization is also dedicated to raising awareness in its administrative region to ensure that more men discover the resources available and seek help .


SHASE has expanded and diversified its services since the beginning. They now :

  • Provide male victims of sexual assault with direct assistance (counseling, information, support, etc.) and indirect assistance (referrals).
  • Support survivors during their recovery through individual counseling and support groups.
  • Develop best practices when it comes to male victims of sexual assault.
  • Develop expertise and services relating to the issue of sexually abused men
  • Initiate or participate in training and awareness-raising activities on the issue
  • Produce and distribute training and awareness documents
  • Carry out research on the subject and disseminate the results
  • Work in collaboration and in consultation with private and public organizations

Mission and values

SHASE supports and accompanies, throughout the Eastern township region, anyone aged 12 and over who identifies as a man and who has been the victim of sexual assault. We also carry out training and awareness raising to ensure that no victim will live in silence and shame.

We work with men to help them:

  • Decrease feelings of shame, guilt, depression and anger.
  • Improve their self-esteem and interpersonal relationships.
  • Empower them to make wise choices for themselves and to enjoy life to the fullest.

We are here to listen to men who dare break the silence with gratitude and respect. The confidentiality of exchanges with men is a priority at all stages of the process.

SHASE support survivors of sexual assault for as long as they need Though we cannot erase their past, we support them in their journey so that they can regain confidence in themselves and in life. SHASE provides a safe space to all individuals who give meaning to its mission, whether they are beneficiaries, volunteers, counselors, etc. We present their testimonials from their experience with the organization.