Mission and values

SHASE supports and accompanies, throughout the Eastern township region, anyone aged 18 and over who identifies as a man and who has been the victim of sexual assault. We also carry out training and awareness raising to ensure that no victim will live in silence and shame.

We work with men to help them:

  • Decrease feelings of shame, guilt, depression and anger;
  • Improve their self-esteem and interpersonal relationships;
  • Empower them to make wise choices for themselves and to enjoy life to the fullest.

We are here to listen to men who dare break the silence with gratitude and respect. The confidentiality of exchanges with men is a priority at all stages of the process.

SHASE support survivors of sexual assault for as long as they need Though we cannot erase their past, we support them in their journey so that they can regain confidence in themselves and in life.